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About Vanessa

I’m a natural-born caretaker who has your back, protects your best interests, and will go to bat for your vision like no other.

In my previous career in public relations for Cirque du Soleil, I spent nearly a decade planning events around the world—and on red carpets. With brand images, big names, and even bigger budgets to manage—there are so many aspects of that role I carry with me as I plan high-end Las Vegas weddings today.

Most notably?

My internationally informed understanding of hospitality.

I believe in building layered event experiences on a foundation of the fundamentals that transcend time and place: honest communication, strong logistical acumen, a honed eye for timeless design and a deep respect for the age-old art of hospitality.

While each Blanc event is unique, our couples are united by their discerning eye and sharp focus on guest experience. So I consider every detail important, as it all plays a pivotal role in how you will experience your event. 

Why Blanc?

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Outside of Blanc

Where to find me

Drinking wine and dining with my girlfriends.

Enjoying life with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

High fashion.



"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered."

— Giorgio Armani

Together, Let's curate an event destined to create a lifetime of memories